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Former Falcons Levine Toilolo, Ben Garland talk about Super Bowl LIV with 49ers

Jeanna Thomas caught up with some former Falcons during Super Bowl LIV’s Opening Night.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

This week carries a little bit of déjá vu for the former Falcons who will take the field for the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. I caught up with tight end Levine Toilolo and offensive lineman Ben Garland during Opening Night to chat about it.

Toiloilo said that the familiarity with Shanahan and his scheme made his move to San Francisco a little easier.

“The familiarity that I already had with a lot of the players and then, like you said, with the coaches also, I was able to come in and felt right at home, so it’s been awesome,” Toilolo said.

Ben Garland said that the Falcons’ Super Bowl experience following the 2016 season definitely helped him get his mind right for the impending matchup against the Chiefs.

“I think the more you have experience at anything it definitely helps you grow and understand it,” Garland said. “I mean, you already understand what media night is going to be like, what opening night is going to be like. You understand kind of how the week runs being there, so I think it definitely helps.”

It’s still painful that those guys didn’t get rings in Super Bowl LI, but at least they’ve got another shot this year with the 49ers.