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Falcons trivia: Which draft pick put up the most sacks in the NFL?

There are two valid answers here.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We all know who leads the Falcons in career sacks. That’d be the great John Abraham, a player I foolishly left off my future Hall of Fame shortlist and maybe the best pure pass rusher the team has ever had.

What you might not know is who has the most career sacks, not as a Falcon, but as a Falcons draft pick. As it turns out, there are two possible answers to this particular trivia question.

The first is the man who unquestionably has the most sacks, as counted by the NFL. This player was a damn good one for the Falcons for many years before going on to add more to his total down the line.

The second is a man who unofficially has the most sacks, and by a wide margin. This guy was one of the greats of his era and one of the finest defensive linemen ever to play for Atlanta, full stop.

Let’s see if you have one or both of the answers handy!