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Falcons trivia: Who holds the single season record for field goal attempts?

It may not be who you think.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Falcons have had some truly great kickers in their history, putting it up there with wide receiver, running back, tackle, and a handful of others in that regard. Whether it was Morten Andersen booting his way into the Hall of Fame, Matt Bryant putting together the finest career in team history, or capable players like Norm Johnson and Mick Luckhurst holding things down, the team hasn’t had too many stretches without a solid option.

In all those many campaigns, the Falcons have often had to boot a lot of field goals. No one’s ever come close to the NFL record of 52 attempts in a single year, set by David Akers back in 2011 for the 49ers, but they do have a man tied for 55th in attempts with 40, which is the team record.

Who is this man? Bonus points, as always, if you can tell me which year the kicker in question set the team record.