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Falcons trivia: Who is the all-time leader in fumbles returned for touchdowns?

This man is one scoop n’ score away from the NFL record.

New York Giants v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Gin Ellis/Getty Images

Few plays in football are more fun than the fumble return for a touchdown, especially when a defensive tackle scoops that thing up and rumbles his way for a score. We wish we could see it more often.

Fans of the Falcons during one era of football did get to see a lot more, thanks to one player. The player in question was prolific at scooping and scoring, and is just one touchdown off the all-time NFL record in this particular stat. As you might guess, he was a damn fine player.

Who is he?

The man in question has no competition for the honor, as he returned more than twice as many fumbles for touchdowns as anyone else in franchise history. Three current players are tied with a lot of Falcons of yesteryear for second place, so bonus points if you can identify them here, and even more bonus points if you can unearth some clips of this man scoring some of those particularly memorable touchdowns.