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Falcons trivia: What was the worst draft class in team history?

It’s a doozy.

Atlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles Rams - December 3, 1967 Photo by Vic Stein/Getty Images

We’re slowly approaching draft season, so there will be many opportunities for us to dredge up classes past. Today, we’re going to dig deep for some cringeworthy, because why not.

There have obviously been some spectacular flops in this team’s history, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that comes close to our trivia answer today. It might be one of the worst draft classes in NFL history, and that’s no mean feat. Which class am I talking about?

The class in question saw its many draft picks combine to play in 31 NFL games. One of those players accounted for 27 of those games by himself, making this the sort of epic disaster that can (and did) ruin teams for years to come. You cannot possibly imagine a draft class worse than this, though you may be tempted to nominate some recent ones.

Give us your best guess.