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Falcons trivia: Who holds the single game record for rushing touchdowns?

Who is the best?

Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

The Falcons have had some great individual performances in the past from their running backs, and the annals of team history are filled with great backs doing great things.

Today, we are here to discuss one such performance. I’m even going to quiz you on it.

In NFL history, five backs have managed to score five touchdowns in a single game. Cookie Gilchrist, Jim Brown, Ricky Watters, James Stewart, and Clinton Portis will always have that to hang their hats on, and the most recent player to accomplish that august achievement was Portis back in 2003.

Many have scored four touchdowns in a single game, however, and that list includes not one but two players who have managed the mark in this team’s history. This season alone, both Green Bay’s Aaron Jones and Arizona’s Kenyan Drake managed the mark. Both of the Falcons’ backs who managed it were, unsurprisingly, known for bruising their way into the end zone.

Who are they? Bonus points, of course, if you can tell me the years.