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Falcons’ Uniform Watch: The latest updates on the Falcons’ new uniforms

Latest update on the Falcons’ new uniforms.

Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello, Falcoholics! As many of you know, the Atlanta Falcons recently announced that they’ll be wearing new uniforms in 2020. They also gave us an April 2020 date when the uniforms will be officially revealed.

As you also may know, the internet doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes uniforms get leaked and sometimes details are mentioned early. From now until they’re officially revealed, I will keep you all up to date with the latest rumblings and details pertaining to the Falcons’ new uniforms.

Matt Tabeek is a columnist for and does a mailbag for fans to ask questions pertaining to the team. Someone asked about the uniforms, and he responded:

“First, thanks for the support and kind words. I’ve said dozens and dozens of times and I’ll say it again: This space is here because of you, the fans. As far as the uniforms go – and I wish I had a dollar for every question I receive about them – I cannot give away any specific details about them or I’ll get in some pretty big trouble! However … I have seen them and I can give you my reactions. Flat out, I think they are sweet looking. And I’ll add this, too: When I first laid eyes on them (on a computer screen), they were not what I was expecting. And I’ll add one more thing: When I finally saw them in person and actually held them (and the helmet) for the first time, I liked them even more. Loved them, actually. That’s all I can say. Lips are sealed, folks.”

Maybe it’s just me, but this reaction seems to suggest that the uniforms have a significant change to them, including the helmet. There’s been a lot of speculation on whether the Falcons will remain with black helmets or go back to the classic red. Another interesting question is whether will they change their logo or not, and someone also asked Tabeek that.

“I can’t say, Jim. You’ll have to wait and find out in April.”

Maybe just my speculative mind, but a “no” would’ve been fair here. The fact that he didn’t say no tells me that there will be some form of change to the Falcons’ logo — just how much change is the question now.

In news that could also subtly impact the uniforms, the team also has apparently updated their word mark, as witnessed on the top of owner Arthur Blank’s recent letter to fans. The letters have changed slightly in design and also have a bolder look to them. The spacing is also significantly changed.

Well that’s it for now, Falcoholics. We are only a few days out from the initial announcement, so there are sure to be more updates with every passing day. If you’d like to read up on the uniforms of Falcons’ past, click here.