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Falcons trivia: Who owns the single season QB mark for interceptions?

Hint: It’s not Matt Ryan.

Super Bowl XXXIII - Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons

We’ve become accustomed to quarterbacks not throwing gobs of picks, but it hasn’t always been that way. Before Matt Ryan, Michael Vick and Chris Chandler, who rarely if ever tossed more than 15 picks in a season, there were plenty of Falcons quarterbacks who flirted with or blew by the 20 interception mark.

Only one man holds the title for most interceptions thrown in a single season, however, and he’s the subject of today’s trivia question. Who was it?

This man was not a one-year wonder, as this question might suggest, and he got fairly close to Jameis Winston’s 30 interception mark this year. He did that in a year where he threw for the 19th-most yards in franchise history and threw the 17th-highest number of touchdowns, so it wasn’t as awful a year as picks would suggest, either.

I’ll give you one hint: It’s not Matt Ryan, who doesn’t crop up on this list until spot #9, which came courtesy of a Julio Jones-and-quality-offensive-line-less 2013. The man in question here does show up in the top ten list twice, but this was the