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Falcons trivia: Who owns the single season touchdown reception record?

The team has had some great receivers, but who takes the crown here?

Saints v Falcons X

Welcome back to trivia town, population you. Today’s question concerns the offense and a single season mark rather than a career one, and hopefully will stir up some fond memories of great individual performances past.

The question is this: Who owns the franchise record for most touchdown receptions in a single season?

There are plenty of worthy candidates here that probably sprang immediately to mind, because the Falcons have a past thankfully littered with great receivers. Only one has the all-time mark, however, and he has a comfortable two touchdown lead on the next closest player.

Interestingly enough, Falcons receivers have only scored double digit touchdowns 13 times in franchise history, and only four players have done so more than once. Julio Jones is not one of those and neither is Calvin Ridley, though both certainly have time to join the list.

As you might suspect, though, the man in question today does appear on the list multiple times. Who is he? Bonus points if you can tell me how many touchdown grabs he had.