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Recapping the Divisional Round and previewing the Championship Games

It’ll be Packers-49ers and Chiefs-Titans for the Conference Championships.

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images

That was a wild weekend.

Three favorites ultimately won, but only one of those games was a laugher. The 49ers ran away with it against a hapless Vikings team that can beat the Saints but no one else in the postseason, but that was it for easy games. The Packers allowed the Seahawks to hang around until late and needed a favorable spot to salt the game away, while the Chiefs had to go down 24 points to the Texans before they came booming to life, outscoring Houston 51-7 from there to cinch up the win.

The biggest surprise of the weekend was Titans over Ravens, and the fact that Tennessee made it so easy. The Titans are a team you ignore at your own peril, even if I still think the Chiefs are the superior squad and will prove to be.

So what’s next for those of us with no real rooting interest?

Packers @ 49ers

This one doesn’t look great on paper, but that’s why they play them. The Packers are a very good team that has had a nasty habit of letting teams hang around, and the 49ers absolutely destroyed them the last time they hosted them.

It’s noteworthy that this matchup features two former Falcons coaches as the head coaches of these two teams, which doesn’t make me feel really sad at all.

Titans @ Chiefs

You underestimate the Titans at your own peril at this point, given that they just clamped down hard on the league MVP and one of the best offenses in the league. I still think Patrick Mahomes and company are too dangerous to count out here, especially because they can erase deficits far faster than a less talented Baltimore passing attack and useless New England passing game could.

These ought to both be great games, though, so we’ll see you back here next weekend for ‘em!