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Russell Gage in concussion protocol

Gage took an uncalled helmet-to-helmet hit in this one.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Gage nearly had a tremendous sideline catch and made another impressive grab over the middle in the first half of this Falcons-Vikings game, proving that the growth he showed as a receiver this summer was no illusion. Unfortunately, he’s also now in the concussion protocol.

He took a helmet-to-helmet hit on the catch I mentioned above from Harrison Smith, a hit that I’m sort of shocked wasn’t called, given the NFL’s supposed emphasis on getting those out of the sport. It was immediately apparent he was hurt, and he exited the game shortly after.

Now we’ve learned his return is questionable and he’s in the concussion protocol. Chances are we don’t see him again in this one, with the hope being that we will in a week or two and that all is well. Concussions, as we all know, are not something to trifle with.

Get well soon, Russell Gage.