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Falcons blown off the field in the first half against Vikings, sparking familiar alarms

Down 21-0, it’s going to take stellar play, a miracle, or both to come back.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

The bloom came off the rose so fast for Atlanta that a sonic boom followed in its wake. The Falcons didn’t just go into the second half of the game losing to a very good Vikings team, something that almost every fan would’ve understood. They got destroyed, mixing colossal mistakes with lousy football, and they’re currently down 21-0.

The Falcons are a talented football team. They’re a team with an experienced coaching staff, a staff with good reputations more or less across the board. And yet this first half of football featured insanely sloppy football, full of turnovers and unimaginably bad decisions. They let the Vikings run roughshod over them, they allowed some unfortunate passes, and they bailed the Vikings out with penalties when they did quality work. It was about as bad of a half as you could have cooked up for this team.

The good news, I guess, is that it’s only halftime and the Falcons were showing some signs of life as time went on, giving me some slim hope they can catch up. But after an offseason of big promises and hard work and big money flying everywhere, this is the kind of result the Falcons cannot possibly accept.

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