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Falcons - Vikings odds: Norsemen favored at home in frigid Minnesota

Minnesota is frigid this time of year, right? Of course it is.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Vikings are no cakewalk. The Falcons are no shrinking violets. In a matchup between what look to be two very good football teams, even small advantages matter.

So home field, understandably, looms as a major factor in this particular matchup. It’s why the Vikings are 4 point favorites as of right now, and it’s why they’ll be favored most everywhere you look. I personally have this penciled in as one of the team’s five losses for the 2019 season, given how tough the Vikings are and the fact that the Falcons may have some early growing pains with new starters on the offensive line, new coordinators across the board, and so on.

On paper, anyways, both offenses are very good—the Falcons have more firepower by a slim margin and a much better quarterback—and the Vikings clearly have the more proven defense, though I really do love the collection of talent Atlanta has put together.

If the Falcons can beat the odds and come out of Minnesota with a win this Sunday, they’ll be in an excellent position to weather the rest of their challenging early season slate. Just don’t expect oddsmakers and analysts to put much stock in that outcome before kickoff.