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Falcons heading into second half down big against Titans

The game isn’t over, but Dan Quinn’s tenure in Atlanta is likely coming to a close.

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Adversity, they sometimes say, tells you who you really are. The Falcons came into today 1-2 with endless questions about who they actually were and how good they could actually be in 2019, and they’ve answered with the worst possible answer.

The Falcons gave Dan Quinn another chance because he piloted the team to the Super Bowl in 2016, carries a reputation as a defensive coach and vowed to fix the defense himself, and is beloved in the building. It was always clear that the Falcons were going to give DQ that chance, but obviously what divided the fanbase was whether that chance was deserved. It’s four games, sure, but through 3.5 of them it looks like all the vows and all the work this offseason haven’t amounted to much of anything. If anything, they look worse.

It doesn’t matter how good this team looked on paper heading into the year, unfortunately. I think even those of us who felt this team was going to be a disappointment couldn’t have foreseen this team down 24-7 at the half to a Titans team that had struggled to do much on offense before today, but it’s a symptom of a team that is equal parts listless and lackluster. There’s always the chance of a miracle second half and a miracle rest of the year, I guess, but it’s obvious that Dan Quinn’s on the chopping block in the near future and this era of Falcons football is likely to end in extreme disappointment. However much I may not want to believe that, we’re here and we’ve got to deal with it.

Join us for the second half, when it’s either phenomenal play and a miraculous comeback or Arthur Blank lying awake tonight thinking about his next move.