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Falcons - Titans final score predictions from The Falcoholic staff

Are we being suckers predicting a Falcons win, or are we right this time?

NFL: OCT 25 Falcons at Titans Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

By now, you know that most of us have once again picked the Falcons to win, despite being burnt by this team. Again, this is one of the easiest games left on the slate on paper, given that it’s at home and featuring a struggling opponent, so if they can’t pull this one off I don’t think many of us are going to be predicting wins the rest of the way.

Here are three staffers weighing in on what’s ahead.

Falcons 21 - Titans 17

I’m only 1 for 3 on these so who knows. My only question is if a moderately incompetent Falcons team can beat these Titans because it’s the one I expect. The answer? Probably. — Matt Chambers

Falcons 24 - Titans 17

We all know about Atlanta’s struggles, but the Titans are battling some demons themselves. They just had more sacks given up than points scored on Thursday Night against the Jaguars, as Marcus Mariota looks painfully average. It’s a home game against a sputtering opposing offense, so I’m expecting a win, but the Falcons will make it closer than it needs to be. — Adnan Ikic

Falcons 21 - Titans 20

Yes, a one point win is the best I can do. The Falcons are very obviously the more talented team, pound-for-pound, but the Titans are capable of playing solid, error-free football for four quarters at their very best, and that’s all they’ll need to beat the error-prone, sloppy Falcons team we’ve seen for too many quarters of this young season. At home and pretty healthy, Atlanta should win this one pretty handily, but given their recent track record I’ll say it’s gonna be close and hope it’ll be a Falcons blowout win. — Dave Choate