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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Sept. 27

Catch up on the latest Falcons news. If you don’t, you may live a life of eternal regret.

Atlanta Falcons v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

You just found the hottest links roundup on the entire internet: The Falcoholinks. Catch up on the Falcons while you eat breakfast before heading out to your big, important job where you work with... stocks? Investments? Or some app? We don’t understand what it is but we definitely approve. You are doing so great.

What’s going on in Falcons land? Matt Wile, who killed it last week punting against the Indianapolis Colts, is officially on the team’s practice squad. With lots of cap issues expected in 2020, don’t be surprised if Wile gets a good chance of replacing Matt Bosher.

Falcons fans don’t think much about the team. Even Miami Dolphins fans are more optimistic and they are a glorified Canadian Football League team. After getting dominated by the Colts, fans have dropped to 8% optimistic. Things are tough but the Falcons aren’t that bad. Probably.

The safety battle to replace Keanu Neal is still... undecided.

The Falcons passed on a number of free agent safeties that were pretty impressive in recent years. They also did that last year. The results were bad and they paid for it the entire season. A smarter team signed Eric Reid in 2018, then signed him to a pretty impressive contract extension. The Falcons held onto Jordan Richard who was bad and is now unemployed.

The Falcoholic is on your TV. We are inevitable.

Cory Woodroof suggests we give Dan Quinn some time to right the ship. It feels like Dan Quinn is in his second season of fixing the problems but we have the same results. Regardless, it’s a bit early to talk about getting rid of Quinn.

New return specialist Kenjon Barner has been solid when playing but is still dealing with a concussion. His potential replacements? They include Mohamed Sanu.

A lot of Falcons are getting healthy, with Barner the only player missing practice.

Every Falcoholic writer dropped their Week 4 picks. We were unanimous in the Falcons-Titans game. Leave your comments in the article to tell us why we are wrong. Outperform us and maybe you can replace Dave.