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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Sept. 25th

Fact: Austin Hooper can fit 3,594 altoids in his mouth at one time

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, hello Wednesday. It’s good to see you! Time to lace up your internet cleats, Falcoholics, because Falcons-Titans is just around the corner. We’re hyped; are you?

Don’t stop believin’, hold on to these linkkkkkks. Street lights, people, ohoooohhhhhh!

Diagnosing the problem

It’s good to learn from your failures, and hopefully the Falcons will do just that. And because the team likes to ask for me advice (in a parallel universe where I’m a compassionate but strict dictator), I broke down 5 things we learned from Sunday’s loss. Along those same lines, Carter Breazeale brought us this week’s version of hat tips and head scratchers.

Dave Choate broke down snap counts from Falcons-Colts and noticed an interesting trend: the Falcons aren’t really using their depth. For whatever reason, the back end of the Falcons roster isn’t seeing the field much, at least on offense and defense.

Still feeling salty about Sunday’s loss? Then check out David Walker and Evan Birchfield’s post-game podcast. They talk injuries, Matt Ryan, and Dirk Koetter’s head-scratching fascination with targeting Luke Stocker.

Things have to change

Falcons fans invest a lot of time and effort in the team. Unfortunately that investment doesn’t always pay dividends. Given that, it’s natural to get frustrated and seek answers. We aren’t immune to that.

Kevin Knight wonders whether the Falcons have a problem with overconfidence. Carter has had enough of the cheesy slogans the team keeps tossing around. And Matt Chambers thinks 2019 Dan Quinn is starting to look like a balder, younger version of 2014 Mike Smith.

Oh, Keanu, where art thou

The Falcons are considering all their options as they look to fill the void left by Keanu Neal’s season-ending achilles tear. Dave highlighted a couple workouts the Falcons hosted yesterday as they look at potential external options. George Iloka and T.J. McDonald may not blow your socks off, but you won’t do much better at this point in the season. Ultimately the Falcons passed and elected to promote Jamal Carter from the practice squad instead.

Those are your links, Falcoholics. Now go show Wednesday what you’re made of!