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Falcons - Colts final score predictions from The Falcoholic staff

We all think the Falcons can and will win, but will it be a close game or a triumph?

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Who will win today? You probably noticed that we unanimously thought the Falcons would as a staff, but you probably wondered why, or at least how close we thought it’d be. Here we are weighing in.

Falcons 28 - Colts 20

The Falcons defense shocked everyone when they abused one of the best offensive lines in football and I think they may repeat that performance on Sunday. I also don’t think Matt Ryan will continue this poor start to the season. The combination of those factors - along with crucial injuries on the Colts side of the ball - will add up to a nice road win for Atlanta. - David Walker

Falcons 30 - Colts 24

One of my coworkers is a big Colts fan and I’ve bet on the Falcons winning so really they need to move to 2-1. More generally, the Colts have strong lines and some other surrounding talent, but I don’t see how they can measure up with Atlanta short of an all-too-familiar Falcons implosion. — Matt Chambers

Falcons 31 – Colts 17

After what we witnessed on Sunday night, the Falcons have provided with a (probably) false sense of confidence. The offensive line played well, only allowing one sack and the defense in total was impressive. The Colts are dealing with injuries, and we have Julio Jones – we should be fine. - Evan Birchfield

Falcons 30 - Colts 20

These aren’t Andrew Luck’s Colts anymore. While Jacoby Brissett has done a solid job in Luck’s place, Indy doesn’t have the horses to keep up with Atlanta with Brissett under center. As of this writing, key Colts starters Darius Leonard, Marlon Mack, and Pierre Desir all look like they’ll be either out or at less than 100% this Sunday. The Falcons will take advantage and build on the momentum from the Eagles game. - Adnan Ikic

Falcons 27 - Colts 21

I’m not comfortable getting ahead of myself just yet. The Falcons who looked so terrible in Week 1 were deeply unlucky, yes, and their victory last week was both a terrific sign and welcome after so many losses to the Eagles. But I’m not making the mistake of thinking the Falcons are ready to blow out a good team on the road, or that they won’t frustrate us as they continue to get their legs out from under them. Ultimately I think they’re good enough—and motivated enough—to beat the Colts on the road, especially with Darius Leonard out, but their historic struggles with Indy and the way this team tends to surprise you in the least pleasant way possible makes me think it’ll be pretty close in the end. - Dave Choate