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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Sept. 20

Injuries that worry us, reasons the Colts will lose to the Falcons, and more.

NFL: SEP 15 Eagles at Falcons

Links? On a Friday? Of course, for the links do not sleep and neither do we.

Except on weekends. Then the links and us sleep. Grammar is overrated.

Matt Bosher’s still out

I have my concerns about Keanu Neal and Kaleb McGary, as both are still limited in practice and the game is just a handful of days away. But I save particular concern for Matt Bosher, who has not practiced the last two days and probably needs to do so today if he has any shot at all to play against the Colts.

If Bosher can’t go, it’ll be Matt Wile, the only other man who has punted for Atlanta since they drafted Bosher way back in 2011. He’s a fine punter but I doubt he can destroy a returner like Bosher, and thus we’ll hope for the return of our more established Matt.

Falcons inquiring about Jalen Ramsey?

His foolish comments about Matt Ryan aside, Jalen Ramsey is a very good cornerback. It would be no surprise at all to learn that the Falcons had been kicking the tires on the Jacksonville star with the news that the Jaguars may move him in the near future, as recent reports have indicated that nearly all NFL teams have expressed some level of interest.

Will the Falcons ultimately land Ramsey? I doubt it, because the cost is likely to be significant, the Falcons already have an interesting young core of cornerbacks, and because Ramsey may not love the scheme here in Atlanta any more than he loves it in Jacksonville. It’s okay to dream sometimes, though.

Here’s why the Colts will lose! We hope!

The Colts are a good football team, but they’re not an unbeatable one. We got Stampede Blue to weigh in on why Indy will lose, and it’s due to a weakness at right guard, injuries, and a passing game that isn’t quite the same since Andrew Luck left. Those all sound like good reasons to us, an entirely unbiased party.

Chris Shepherd at Stampede Blue also had some nice enemy perspective on the Falcons defense (and Grady Jarrett in particular), the Falcons offense, and their special teams unit. Recommended reading if you want to hear what a relatively infrequent opponent thinks about Atlanta’s current status and potential.

Oh, and finally, Kevin Knight broke down the matchup by the numbers and David Walker took a closer look at the Falcons defense against the Colts offense to determine who might come out on top. Everything looks pretty positive for Atlanta...on paper.

Picks, picks, picks

Inevitably, we also made our picks. This week was unanimous when it came to the Falcons, which is either a good sign or an ominous one, depending on your faith in our predictive abilities. Right now, Kevin and Matt are out in the lead with a 23-8-1 record through two weeks, but this week features a handful of coin flip matchups that might shake things up.

Give us your picks in the comments, if you’ve got the time.