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Falcons fans get a boost of confidence after Week 2 win over Eagles

In the latest FanPulse poll, things go from doom and gloom to just a mild gloom. Like a cloudy day, really.

NFL: SEP 15 Eagles at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Confidence just flat out evaporated among Falcons fans a week ago. We run our FanPulse survey of hundreds of fans every week during the NFL season, and the percentage of fans who said they were confident in the direction of the team went from 88% before the season opener to 22% heading into Week 2. The general mood of the fanbase matched that despair perfectly.

As you’d expect, a win has helped to heal those wounds, if not entirely. Confidence rose 31 points, and now just over half of Falcons fans say they’re confident in the team’s direction. Progress!

Falcoholic FanPulse Week 3

A little context that you likely already understand: Confidence was never going to return to preseason levels after a single win, because it’s much easier to lose confidence in this team than maintain it. A narrow win, even against a tough opponent like the Eagles, is not going to repair the damage done by an ugly blowout loss. And having seen just two games thus far, many of us are not quite sure we’ve got the measure of the team, myself very much included.

For all those reasons and more, it appears the fanbase is ready to believe but needing more proof. Let’s hope they give us some on Sunday against the Colts.