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Takk McKinley’s big Week 2 saw him haunt Carson Wentz

Takk’s eight pressures on Sunday were the second-highest total of the week.

NFL: DEC 30 Falcons at Buccaneers Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We knew Takkarist McKinley had a killer day against the Eagles, because we saw him chasing around Carson Wentz all day. If you want a little more context for just how much of a pest he was, we can now provide that.

It turns out that Takk was tied for the second-highest number of pressures for Week 2. That checks out, given that Takk was beating an elite Eagles line frequently and coming within inches of annihilating Wentz on multiple occasions.

It’s sort of incredible, frankly, that Takk does not have a sack yet and has been credited with just two quarterback hits to this point. Dan Quinn talked up his breakout potential this year, a season after he put up 7 sacks and had one of the NFL’s better pressure rates for edge defenders. Despite the lack of counting stats, that breakout year seems to be in full swing, and Takk is not going to have matchups tougher than the Eagles all that often in 2019.

Buckle up for those double digit sacks Takk is after, because they’re coming.