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What Colts position group would you add to the Falcons?

Not pictured: Current Colts or Falcons.

Baltimore Colts v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

In weeks past, we’ve asked you to take a position group from the week’s opponent, and your choices haven’t exactly been shocking. I myself went with the Vikings defensive ends and Eagles tackles these past two weeks, reasoning those were the most elite position groups on those respective teams that matched up well with existing Falcons weaknesses.

A funny thing happened this week, though: The trenches came to seem like a bit less of a need. The Falcons’ offensive line largely held up, at least in pass protection, and the defensive line got a lot of pressure on Carson Wentz despite the quality Eagles offensive line. Does that change things for this battle against the Colts, where I’m once again asking you to choose a position group to import wholesale onto this Falcons roster?

There are some tempting groupings here. Guard stands out because of all-world left guard option Quenton Nelson, rising starter Mark Glowinski at right guard, and versatile young reserve Joe Haeg, though you’d chiefly be importing that group to add Nelson. Or perhaps you’d like defensive end after all, given that the group is absurdly deep and studded with interesting players like Margus Hunt, Tyquan Lewis, and Justin Houston. Or maybe you just really like their group of backs, which features burgeoning stud Marlon Mack and a lot of quality depth.

Personally, I’d go with guard, mostly because Nelson has the talent and the early production to suggest he may turn into a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, and those are rare enough in this day and age to be worth giving up the team’s current group of guards, even if I hesitate with Chris Lindstrom there. Glowinski is certainly good enough at right guard to make this thing work, but Nelson’s obviously the prize.

What group are you taking? Discuss.