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Matt Bosher hurt, not handling kickoffs early in Falcons - Eagles game

It’s not good news given that the Falcons will have to fill his role if he can’t go.

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Bosher is active, but he’s also clearly hurt. There are immediate, noticeable issues with that, as Bosher is not on the field to handle kickoffs and punts at the moment.

We saw Mohamed Sanu trying his leg before the game and wondered why, and now we know. Bosher reportedly has his leg wrapped and Matt Bryant handled his first kickoff in—per the broadcast—11 years in Bosher’s stead. It was short of the end zone.

It’s not ideal for Bryant to have to handle kickoffs, obviously, and we’ll hope Bosher’s back on the field soon. Things get a lot dicier if the Falcons have to punt, as that would presumably fall on either Bryant or Sanu. With the Falcons starting this drive from their own 1-yard-line, we’re praying they don’t need a punter at all. Update: He’s gonna punt!

Stay tuned for updates as to Bosher’s status, and we’ll hope he’s healthy soon.