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Falcons fan confidence craters after zeppelin crash against Vikings

It appears that confidence was not very deeply rooted, to say the least.

A crashed Zeppelin airship is adrift,Hafrsfjord

Confidence is a fragile sort of thing. You may think you’re going to crush your job interview, but then you get in there and call Deborah from HR “Doombah” and spill coffee all over her desk. Poof! Confidence gone.

That’s the case for Falcons fans this week, who took one look at the rolling clusterflark that was the team’s Week 1 performance and declared that they were not at all confidence in the direction the team is heading in. The 66% single week drop in fan confidence is the largest since we started this poll, and it brings the confidence level down 11 points lower than it was at the end of last season, when the Falcons finished an injury-marred campaign at 7-9 and just about every Falcons fan in the world was sick of them.

Folks, that’s not great!

Falcoholic FanPulse

It’s not surprising, however. The expectations for the Falcons heading into the game were quite high, as the Falcons did a lot of legwork on paper to get better and position themselves to win. Seeing them lose in such a crummy, lackluster way will dent confidence in a major way, even if it does prove to be a one-week blip. If the Falcons triumph over the Eagles on Sunday night, I’d expect that number to rocket back up. If they don’t...well, they’re already pretty close to the basement.