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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Sept. 11

Good morning! We just wanted to remind you that it is not, in fact, Thursday.

Atlanta Falcons v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We are slogging through the wreckage that was Week 1. At the Falcoholic, we have looked at what went wrong, how things can improve, and generally complained about seeing a different team failing in the same ways we have seen for years.

First, the staff reflected on that bad loss and gave their thoughts on the future. I dropped what was essentially an “I told you so” to those who steadfastly refused to believe multiple ongoing issues would mean the Falcons get out of the gate slowly. Our more mature writers took a step back to look at the opponent and the current problems with the team.

Kevin Knight rewatched the game so you didn’t have to. What did he think? Mostly, the Falcons weren’t as bad as their performance suggests. Instead, the team was on the unlucky end of multiple plays and they fell into a deep hole. That’s hope for future games!

Your normal Falcoholinks writer Carter Breazeale is back with Hat Tips & Head Scratchers. There were obviously few hat tips, and we have a return of likely the most popular head scratcher: Vic Beasley. Beasley, of course, bailed on sacking Kirk Cousins because of a pretty weak pump fake. What shockingly dumb thing will Beasley do to make next week’s list? The world is full of possibilities.

Grady Jarrett was absolutely the game’s top performer, earning him Evan Birchfield’s coveted Brother of the Week. The best we can tell, the brotherhood was just Jarrett on Sunday.

What’s going on in the NFC South? The Falcons are tied for 2nd place because everyone is losing. They’d be tied for 1st if not for some very bad Texans defense on the last drive of the game.

The Falcons signed John Wetzel to replace Chris Lindstrom, who is headed to injured reserve. What do we know about Wetzel? He was with the team throughout camp, and his name sounds like he is the eventual heir to a lot of money. The Wetzels are probably railroad magnates that cleaned up in the 1800s. Now he’s likely inactive on game days.

We know Lindstrom was good (giving up zero pressures on 45 snaps), but could a veteran replacement help work out the offensive line’s kinks? Maybe, I suggested! Two rookies on an offensive line is a lot. Jamon Brown can move back to his natural spot at right guard, perhaps improving the blocking strictly on account of his experience.

Cory Woodroof hooked us in with his top lessons learned, including that the Falcons are likely looking at an 0-2 start. The Falcons play the Philadelphia Eagles in primetime, but the Eagles did give Case Keenum a career game and nearly lost to Washington. Maybe the Falcons can pull it together at home.