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Logan Paulsen, Chris Odom, Thomas Duarte only reported cuts on quiet day for Falcons

The team now has to trim the roster by over 30 players today.

Atlanta Falcons v Cleveland Browns

The Atlanta Falcons made it clear on Thursday night’s broadcast that they thought they’d be cutting ties with about 27 players on Friday. It’s very possible they did that, but they certainly didn’t announce those cuts, and very few leaked out.

In all, we learned about three cuts yesterday. Atlanta’s release of Logan Paulsen and Thomas Duarte leaves only Austin Hooper, Luke Stocker, Jaeden Graham, and Alex Gray at tight end, with Graham almost certainly stitching up the third tight end job for himself. That’s an extremely impressive rise for the second-year tight end, and the team’s tight end corps figures to be a versatile group with both Stocker and Graham mixing in at fullback.

Chris Odom was the other name. One of the stars of the 2017 preseason, Odom returned to the Falcons hoping to steal a spot in the team’s deep defensive line group. While he was solid all summer, he wound up taking a backseat to Austin Larkin and Durrant Miles at defensive end, with both of those players consistently making plays in August. Hopefully he can latch on with another team in need of a young, capable defensive lineman.

With those cuts in the books, the Falcons have either 33 or 34 remaining, depending on whether their roster stood at 89 or 90 men coming in to today (post-coffee I may even figure that out). You’ll want to stay in our tracker in case more or those roll in, but at this point, it’s quite possible we’ll be learning about all of them together around 4 p.m.