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Falcons - Jaguars series history: A tie to be broken in 2019

These two teams play all the time in preseason, but only six times in the regular season thus far.

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Falcons and Jaguars feel deeply tied together. While the Falcons have made Super Bowls and the Jaguars have not, both teams have a habit of making the occasional thrilling, deep playoff run only to ultimately fall short, and at other times take a collection of seemingly boundless talent and make little out of it.

There’s also the matter that these two teams seem to play every single year in preseason, that Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter both came to Atlanta from Jacksonville, that Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell worked in the Falcons’ front office with Thomas Dimitroff before landing that job, and that there was once a robust player pipeline flowing from Florida to Georgia. They’re more a familiar friend than a foe at this point, and that’s reflected in the all-time standings for these two teams.

They’re tied 3-3 all-time, a mark that will change this year because the Falcons and Jaguars have a regular season matchup. The Falcons have claimed two out of the last three and three out of the last four overall, including a 41-14 2011 shellacking of Jacksonville. The Jags took the first two games in 1996 and 1999, however, for what that’s worth.

This preseason meetup will just be a warmup for the regular season game, and we’re unlikely to see many (if any) starters in this one. Still, it’ll be fun to catch up with a team the Falcons have been so closely tied to over the years.