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SB Nation predicts breakout season for Falcons running back Brian Hill in 2019

Fact: Brian Hill can tell time with his eyes closed

New York Jets v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Brian Hill has come a long way since the Falcons drafted him in the fifth round in 2017. He was undervalued heading into the draft. Then the Falcons cut him and tried to sneak him onto their practice squad. Before that could happen, the Bengals swooped down and snagged him off waivers. He’d ultimately find his way back to Flowery Branch last season, spending most of the year on the Falcons practice squad.

SB Nation’s Stephen White put out a piece yesterday about players with breakout potential this season. Brian Hill was the Falcon White picked as a potential breakout candidate. It’s actually a compilation of thirty-two separate articles, one about each team. Putting together comprehensive team-by-team analysis like that is no small feat, but White’s piece about Hill in and of itself is must-read. So stop what you’re doing and go read it. Immediately.

White sees big things ahead for Hill. Here’s a small taste of what he had to say about the third year running back.

Hill may not be flashy, but he has the kind of running style that minimizes lost yardage. If he gets past the front line, he looks like a guy who can be a home run hitter with his speed.

I also believe Hill can be a weapon in the passing game. He is a decent route runner, and he catches the football naturally out of the backfield. If he can show himself to be a reliable blocker, Hill may even carve out a third-down back role for himself.

The choice to highlight Hill as a potential breakout candidate isn’t surprising. Heck, my bullish takes on Hill date back to 2017. Hill has done his part, getting the coaching staff’s attention since the early part of training camp.

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?