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Falcons-Redskins post-game injury report

Fact: Ra’Shede Hageman has a pet caterpillar named “Squiggles”

Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Falcons dominated their competition lost their 12th consecutive preseason game tonight. Do I care that they lost? Absolutely not. Should you care? Well, that’s up to you. But I’d recommend against it. In any case, there were injuries. Let’s break ‘em down.

Ra’Shede Hageman suffered a neck injury, which isn’t ideal timing for the former second round draft pick. Hageman just got back from injury this week and is still trying to reestablish himself at Flowery Branch. If Hageman can’t get back quickly, there’s a good chance he doesn’t find himself on the 53 man roster.

Taveze Calhoun was carted off the field after suffering a head injury while making an open-field tackle. He earned a questionable designation and was evaluated for a concussion. Calhoun hasn’t played in the last two games, so this injury doesn’t exactly help his cause.

Jaeden Graham suffered a knee injury and was immediately ruled out. Given his recent trajectory, let’s hope this isn’t a significant injury. If it is, Logan Paulsen just locked down his spot on the 53 man roster.

Injuries like these are truly unfortunate, because when you’re already on the roster bubble, ideally you don’t miss anytime at all. You want to give the coaching staff as many looks as possible. And if you’re injured, that’s just not happening.

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