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Falcons rookie guard Chris Lindstrom impresses with quick recovery

Coach Quinn likes what he’s seen out of the first-round draft pick.

NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After watching star QB Matt Ryan get battered like a cheap piñata in 2018, the Falcons knew they had to address the offensive line this year. While the selection of Chris Lindstrom surprised quite a few people, most analysts agree it was a smart move.

Lindstrom was widely considered the best guard in the draft and someone who can come in and start immediately. That said, rookies will always have their rough spots — even the first rounders. That’s why recent comments from Dan Quinn are highly encouraging about what we can expect out of Lindstrom.

I think he has a rare ability to recover quickly. If he sees something, he can come back and fix it even during the play. If there’s a mistake that’s made, he’s able to come back, see the correction, take it and apply it. He’s got a rare mindset of getting better, of improvement...he doesn’t feel like it’s his first year, even though it is. I love the attitude that he’s bringing. I knew that he was going to be strong and have the urgency to play. He’s exceeded what I thought and I already had high expectations in those two areas. - Dan Quinn

All signs are pointing to Lindstrom starting at right guard on Day 1. That’s why it’s critical that he possess the ability to quickly improve, not just from game to game, but within a game or within a drive. The Falcons need him to correct what he’s doing from play to play if this offense is going to reach its full potential. From the sounds of it, Chris Lindstrom is doing just that.

It’s an incredibly encouraging sign for Atlanta’s first rounder. Let’s hope it continues to bear fruit into the regular season.