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Atlanta - Washington series history: The Falcons have dominated in recent memory

Atlanta’s reeled off six straight wins, making their pre-streak record against Washington a hideous 15-4-1.

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Redskins Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Falcons don’t have great records against many teams in the NFL all-time, an artifact of sustained losing from basically 1966-1991, when the Falcons started to come on a little bit and began to look like a respectable football team. Washington is no exception.

Let’s start with recent history. The Falcons have won six straight dating back to 2006, with just one dominant win (that 38-14 shellacking last year that was so satisfying) and several squeakers along the way. Prior to that, the Falcons were just 4-15-1 against Washington, with a 20-20 tie being one of the high water marks and a 56-17 loss in 1991 serving as the most embarrassing moment for the franchise. They would, of course, push their way into the playoffs in 1991 and get humiliated against by Washington, which is peachy.

In recent history, though, the Falcons have been the dominant force, and they have a chance of winning this one by accident because Washington is in such flux. I do like their rookie QB Dwayne Haskins and several of their young defenders, but the offense is a bit patchwork, they’ve alienated their star tackle, and Dan Snyder might be the worst owner in sports. Even though it doesn’t mean much, let’s make it 7 straight.