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Falcons - Jets series history: Atlanta holds the edge on Gang Green

The Falcons hold the edge in this one, which hardly matters for this game but is an interesting footnote.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have not, historically speaking, fared particularly well against the AFC East. That’s especially true in recent years, where the Falcons have tended to get beat up by even the absolute dregs of the division.

The Jets, happily, are a bit of an exception to the rule. The Falcons own a 7-5 all-time advantage on them, which you already read if you were checking the “How to Watch” piece I wrote yesterday. The Falcons have won five of the last seven games, with the Jets winning two very odd ones in between, namely the game that cost the Falcons Julio Jones and in 2013 and a brutal 28-3 loss during the otherwise magical 1998 season.

The Falcons last played the Jets in the regular season two years ago, winning a rainy game in an otherwise terrible streak of AFC East ineptitude, and that game proved to be a critical one for their playoff push.

Of course, on Thursday night the stakes will be extremely low and the game won’t count toward the record here, so this is more historic footnote than anything else. Still, let’s see how Atlanta fares against a team they’re traditionally done well against.