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Falcons WR Julio Jones on ‘business as usual,’ state of the NFC south

Fact: Julio Jones only eats pineapple with his eyes closed

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is a lot like the Greek mythological god Ares. Much like the son of Zeus and Hera, Julio is the embodiment of strength, courage, and valor. But unlike Ares, Julio is a human being ... or so we’re told.

So how is the infamous franchise wide receiver feeling these days? How’s 2019 looking in Julio land?

Well, for what it’s worth, training camp is simply business as usual for Julio. Our own Jeanna Thomas was in attendance at Flowery Branch last week, and Julio had all kinds of noteworthy things to say.

As he enters his ninth year as a professional football player, there’s not much that can actually phase Julio anymore. Training camp is nothing more than training camp; a step towards the ultimate goal of bringing a Lombardi to Atlanta. “[It’s a]nother opportunity to get better for me. It’s been fun watching the young guys get better every week. So I’m looking forward to them [getting] better and [playing] Falcons football,” said Julio.

This is Julio’s prime. He knows it. We know it. So what advice does he have for his peers? What about the lesser wide receivers trying to elevate their status? “Don’t let one game or one play determine who you are,” he suggested. “Just get the next play.”

Julio has been down this road before. He’s heard about the “dynamic” offense, and he’s heard about what this team is capable of. But nine years into a likely Hall of Fame career, does Julio still believe? “No doubt. With the weapons we have on offense, we just need to line up and beat people,” he explained. “Because we’re really talented all around the board [...] we don’t have to trick anybody. You’re gonna know where I’m at on the field. You’re gonna know where Mo’s at [...] you’re just gonna have to stop us,” he said plainly.

If there’s one thing Julio is focused on, a whole three preseason games before the Falcons play any meaningful football, it’s his health. “That’s the ultimate goal, to go into the season healthy. That’s really the main thing. You don’t wanna go into the season with a nagging injury or anything like that where it’s nagging you and your mind is somewhere else. I’m going into the season clear-minded.”

It’s easy to take a guy like Julio for granted, if only because seeing him in a Falcons jersey is our normal. But he sees the big picture. He knows it’s going to take everything he’s got, and everything the defense has, to be successful this season. And as for the defense, Julio isn’t worried; he knows talent when he sees it. “This year, our defense has a lot of depth. All the way around. Especially the d-line. Our secondary is ball-hawking. All the guys on the back end can catch, they can cover, they can do everything.”

So what is there left for Julio to do as the regular season looms? Should he worry about his NFC south opponents? In a word, no. “No, I don’t [worry about the rest of the NFC south.] I really just watch us at the end of the day. I can’t control or really care about what somebody else is doing at all. I don’t follow that.”

In short, Julio is a beast. He’s always been a beast and will always be a beast. Nothing to see here, Falcoholics. Your thoughts?