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Falcons 10 - Broncos 14 Hall of Fame Game quick recap and updates

Come enjoy the exhibition with us.

Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Falcons lost. If you stayed up for that one you know it was ugly, and we’ll have more in the morning.

Football! At last.

Now admittedly we’re going to see very few starters, if any at all, for either team. Admittedly it’s not even a preseason game that counts, even though preseason games don’t even really count. Admittedly it’s on a neutral field and yes, by the end of the game we’re all going to be tired. But it’s football! And Falcons football, at that.

As always, I hope you join us here to discuss the game and we’ll hope some of the team’s intriguing young players put on a show tonight. More than that, we’ll hope everyone comes out of this one healthy.

Look for quarter-by-quarter updates in this space, as well!

Fourth Quarter

Some strong play from the rookie cornerbacks, and Kurt Benkert got hurt. None of us are in midseason form.

Third Quarter

The first Falcons drive of the second half started off with some promise, but Matt Bosher punted. I swear I’ll have more interesting notes for the actual preseason games.

Kurt Benkert settled in again on the next drive, finding C.J. Worton and Shawn Bane for good gains and generally looking crisper than I would’ve expected on his first time out. The Falcons unfortunately lost Marcus Green to a hamstring injury, though. Giorgio Tavecchio hit a field goal!

The Falcons defense was helped by a continuing series of drops by the Broncos.

Second Quarter

Giorgio Tavecchio missed a 54 yard field goal after Benkert, in fits and starts, got the Falcons sort of within field goal range. Cue the panic on the part of Falcons fans everywhere.

The defense held up pretty well, especially after Drew Lock got into the game, but the offense couldn’t get it going. John Cominsky and Yurik Bethune looked legitimately intriguing, with Bethune showing speed and hustle and Cominsky looking very good on defense and special teams, especially on a cleanup sack of Drew Lock.

But Benkert, as he is wont to do given time, found a rhythm and wound up finding Brian Hill for a touchdown pass to even the score. He’s had his moments as a passer tonight.

First Quarter

The first drive of the game saw rookie linebacker Yurik Bethune looking pretty good, and it saw the Broncos gain three yards on three plays. Midseason form all around.

Matt Schaub looks cooked. I love the guy, you love the guy, but Schaub whiffed on two shorts passes on the first drive. Punt.

The Broncos scored against a hapless Falcons defense. My TV cut out around this time, which was likely a mercy.

Benkert got on the field! And completed a 16 yard pass! And got sacked.

Key info for Falcons - Broncos

What: The 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game

Where: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, Ohio

When: Thursday, August 1, 8 p.m. EST

TV Channel: NBC

Announcers: Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth

Streaming: NBC

Radio Channel: 92.9 The Game

All-Time Records: The Falcons are 1-2 in the Hall of Fame game, as are the Broncos.

Opponent Site: Mile High Report