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What are the best and worst Falcons fantasy football decisions you’ve ever made?

Let’s bring out a rich history of anguish and triumph, as is our custom.

2005 American Bowl in Tokyo - Atlanta Falcons Practice - August 3, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

If you’ve played fantasy football for any length of time and you’re a Falcons fan, you’ve made your fair share of homerish decisions with your favorite players. Sometimes those decisions work out and you are not roundly mocked for being an Atlanta fan, and other times they are spectacular failures and you are roundly mocked for being an Atlanta fan. C’est la vie.

This morning, I’d like to hear your best stories about your successes and your worst stories about your failures, because I know you have both.

I’ll kick us off: My best decision was snagging Devonta Freeman and Matt Ryan in a standard re-draft league in 2016, which helped me utterly steamroll the rest of the teams en route to a championship. I think I snagged Ryan in the eighth round or so that year, which helped me rub in his MVP season over the next few months.

My worst decision was a compounding one that had nothing to do with the player I chose to acquire, but rather the lineups I made with one I already had. I took over a shaky scoring-only dynasty team in 2006 that had very little worthwhile talent outside of Donovan McNabb and was able to make a playoff push in my first year thanks to rookie Maurice Jones-Drew, but I ultimately fell short in a tiebreaker for a playoff spot by a single touchdown. I would have made it if I hadn’t badly bungled the usage of Michael Jenkins that year, as he scored a career-high seven touchdowns in 2006. I collected exactly two of those touchdowns, as every time I put him in my lineup he generally failed to score and every time I benched him he seemingly piled up the touchdowns. Considering my back-of-the-envelope math tells me I would’ve won the league in my rookie season if I had just made the postseason, I’m still pissed at myself and yes, a little bit at Jenkins, too.

Give us yours!