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Julio Jones says he won’t hold out for new contract from Falcons

It’s really good news for Falcons fans.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In a recent video by TMZ, Julio Jones was ambushed with questions at what appears to be an airport. Some pretty good news came out of the questioning, as Julio Jones mentioned that he will not be holding out for a new contract this offseason.

Julio mentions that “Mr. Blank gave us his word, that’s golden.”

It’s clear that Julio has confidence that a deal will be done shortly. Julio also suggested that he hopes that the new deal will allow him to finish his career in Atlanta.

Another question asked was how many more years will Julio play?

“I’m year to year, man,” Julio said. “For me, I haven’t felt like I’ve lost a step. But as soon as I feel like I’m losing a step, slowing down, I can’t produce or I can’t help my teammates and things like that.”

In 2018, Julio Jones skipped the beginning of training camp until the Falcons shifted money around for him to get more money that season. Julio isn’t slowing down, as he’s had five straight seasons eclipsing 1,400 receiving yards and will likely do the same in 2019.

It’s great news that he doesn’t intend to hold out, so let’s just hope his mind doesn’t change between now and July 22nd, the first day of training camp.