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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Monday, July 8

Links to ease you into your post-July 4th weekend.

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

These midweek July 4th celebrations always leave me with zero idea what actual day it is. It kind of feels like a Wednesday, but I’m in the office looking at the calendar and it’s stacked with meetings, so it’s definitely Monday. And if it’s Monday, that means you’ve got a new edition of Falcoholinks for your viewing pleasure.

Read on for the latest Falcons headlines and analysis.

Matty and his resume

Matt Ryan is a polarizing quarterback. It’s been that way his entire career, and his detractors usually don’t follow the Atlanta Falcons (or statistics or anything representative of what defines a signal caller’s legacy). Historically underrated is a label that could apply to the Falcons’ QB, and guest analyst @theryanmichael took a look at Ryan’s resume, and its implications on his Canton campaign.

Beasley and the burning questions

If we’re talking polarizing, Vic Beasley embodies the word. He has the physical traits to become an effective pass-rusher, but other than his 2016 season, has yet to develop the rushing moves that will make him consistently successful at the NFL level. Despite this, the Falcons elected to pick up his $12.8 million fifth-year option, making this truly a make-or-break season for Beasley. So what are the biggest questions entering his fifth year? The Falcoholic’s Cory Woodroof takes a look.

Hopes & fears

Hope always springs eternal prior to the season’s kickoff, but accompanying that, of course, are some fears — especially with an individual player’s performance. DW takes a look at both for Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman, and what we can possibly expect (or dread) in 2019.

Matt Ryan is entering the year with a revamped offensive line and the potential to chart another MVP-worthy campaign.

Devonta Freeman is returning from an injury-riddled 2018 and is looking to reclaim his spot as one of the NFC’s top running backs.

I won’t get into the fears aspect of it, because it’s the start of my workweek and I’m not trying to harsh my own mellow.

Saubert and Koetter

Eric Saubert was drafted primarily because of his physical traits, but so far has had little impact on Atlanta’s offense. With new coordinator Dirk Koetter in place, will Saubert finally establish himself as a productive member of the Falcons’ offense?