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Which Falcons player or coach would you invite to your July 4th cookout?

Happy Independence Day!

As we all celebrate our independence today, The Falcoholic has a burning question for you. Which Falcons player or coach would you invite to your cookout today?

Maybe it’s Matt Ryan, because you need someone to bring the ice. Maybe you’ve got a lot of food, so you need some offensive linemen to keep you from dealing with a bunch of leftovers. These are the players our writers would invite, and weigh in with your choices in the comments.

Julio Jones and I’d give him a plus-three for the Migos

This would be a 4th of July story for the ages. The only thing better than having the best wide receiver in the NFL at my cookout would be having him bring along his buddies, the Migeese. And who knows? Maybe I can get Julio to give me some inside info about his contract negotiations. - Jeanna Thomas

Celebrate America’s FREEdom with Devonta FREEman

Why would I invite Free? He seems the most likely to show up. That’s not a jab at anyone else, but I can actually imagine Devonta showing up, grabbing a plate, and prepping to watch some fireworks from the backyard. From everything I’ve heard behind the scenes, he’s a very genuine and approachable person. So Free, if you’re reading this, come on by! - Evan Birchfield

Give me Matt Schaub

Schaub has become an unlikely folk hero for the team, with many of you degenerates joking that he’s the true starting quarterback on this team. I risk provoking that with this choice, but I’m choosing Schaub because he probably has killer stories about playing alongside Michael Vick, what it was like to work with Kyle Shanahan in Houston, how dysfunctional the Raiders are, and what happens behind the scenes with our current Falcons. I’ll gladly cook up a few brats and share a six pack if I can pry a few of those great stories out of him. - Dave Choate

One invite for Dan Quinn

I’ll send my 4th of July cookout invite to the one and only Dan Quinn. He preaches a fast and physical mindset, and I hate waiting a long time to eat. I bet, if he was my guest, the food would come out in a timely fashion and would be cooked with grit and teamwork. - Cory Woodroof

I’d invite Takk McKinley

There’s never a dull moment with Takk around, and I think he’d be a blast to have at my cookout. He seems like a genuinely fun guy, and this is likely to be the best time to get to know him. After his 12+ sack season in 2019, he’ll be too famous for the likes of me. Plus, it’ll be a great opportunity to ask him to unblock me on Twitter. - Kevin Knight

Duh - I’d invite Matt Ryan

Everyone gets the impression that Ryan is a clean-cut choir boy, but real Falcons fans know the truth: he’s a cussing, fiery Philly boy who probably has some of the best stories to share after a few beers and a rack of ribs. It would be a great opportunity to thank him for his career thus far while also picking his brain over some of his best and worst moments on the team. I’d LOVE to hear his real thoughts on going from Todd McClure to Peter Konz as his center. - David Walker