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Julio Jones drops five spots in NFL Network’s Top 100 Rankings

Wow, how dumb are these rankings?

After disrespecting Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan by ranking him as the 69th best NFL player in 2018, wide receiver Julio Jones has received the same treatment. After leading the NFL in targets (170) and receiving yards (1,677) in 2018, NFL players deemed Julio worthy of being a top-10 player, coming in at the 9th spot. Julio was ranked the 4th best NFL player following the 2017 season, and somehow, like Ryan, took a fall following an improved season.

The “Top 100” is a ranking compiled by NFL players, which has turned into more of a popularity contest than an actual list of the NFL’s best talent.

When you consider who finished ahead of Julio in this years rankings, it further reinforces the list as an annual joke. Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown finished ahead of Julio at the 7th spot with nearly four hundred less receiving yards.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers finished one spot ahead of Julio, thanks to his name. He was statistically the fifth best quarterback in 2018, but he’s Aaron Rodgers. For reference, he was far, far, far behind Matt Ryan.

The Top 100 has turned into a bit of a joke, but as a fan of Julio Jones, you can’t help but be frustrated by the disrespect. Jones is penalized for playing in Atlanta, but would certainly be a top selection if he played in New York or Los Angeles