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Falcons punter Matt Bosher won’t be handling kickoffs anymore

Is a move to safety or the WWE in the near future for the hard-nosed, body-slamming punter?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In Matt Bosher’s time with the Falcons, the punter/safety/wrestler has also had to field kickoff duties. That was likely to keep veteran Matt Bryant fresh for field goals, but with Bryant gone, it looks like things are going to change this year. Dan Quinn confirmed after practice on Monday the 29th that Bosher won’t be handling kickoff duties anymore.

Bosh would allow Matt to just focus on the place kicking. Over the last few years, Bosh double-dipped in the early part of his career and now we can switch back... - Dan Quinn

At just 29 years old, Giorgio Tavecchio will take over the kickoff duties, alongside his normal field goal duties and modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch (that last part isn’t true, but it probably should be). Tavecchio demonstrated he had a pretty strong leg in relief duty of an injured Matt Bryant in 2018. His leg strength and success in 2018 undoubtedly led to the Falcons moving on from the 44 year old veteran and fan favorite. Our own Evan Birchfield is still unable to move on.

What does this mean for Bosher? Will be finally ascend to his rightful role as a safety, or even better, as a professional wrestler whose last name is conveniently a perfect stage name? It is worth noting that “Bosh” is on the last year of his current contract. He’s one of several free agents for the 2020 season and there is some debate on whether he will be retained or not. This could be a critical season for him.

For now, Bosher will have to make his impression while punting the ball and destroying the souls of the punt returners whenever he has the chance. Personally, I hope he foregoes the WWE career and stays with Atlanta for a while.