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Falcons trivia: Who did Andre Rison eclipse with his 82 catch 1990 season?

Believe it or not, Rison broke a franchise mark with that season, which has since been broken many, many more times.

Atlanta Falcons Andre Rison Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Apparently, we love to ask questions that somehow concern Andre Rison. It’s becoming a bit of a habit on these trivia days.

This one comes to us from GritsBlitz, and it’s a good one. The question is this: In his first season as a Falcon in 1990, Andre Rison had 82 receptions, which broke a club record by a single catch. Whose record did he break, and what year did it happen in?

This question feels like it comes from an entirely different era, and in a way, it does. Rison’s record-breaking season is now 20th on the franchise’s single season list for receptions, broken once by Eric Metcalf, Terance Mathis and Harry Douglas, twice by Rison himself, three times by Tony Gonzalez, five times by Julio Jones, and six times by Roddy White. It’s worth noting that Julio holds the franchise mark by a full 21 receptions (136) over Roddy (115).

The nature of the NFL passing game has changed to such an extent that it can be easy to be underwhelmed by Rison’s mark, but it was a big deal at the time, and guys like Rison and Mathis were great for their time.

So let’s get your guess for this one, and preemptively prepare to push Rison down another tick when Julio Jones inevitably catches more than 82 passes this year.