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Falcons trivia: Who are the five players who have been first team All-Pros more than once?

As you’d expect, every one is a franchise great.

Tommy Nobis - Atlanta Falcons - File Photos Photo by Bob Verlin/Getty Images

In all the long history of your Atlanta Falcons, they’ve only had 24 seasons of first-team All-Pro play from their franchise greats, and just five players have done it more than once. Obviously that’s not to say that the Falcons haven’t deserved more players with that designation, but it is what it is.

The question for this blazing hot Saturday is a simple one: Who are the five players who managed two such All-Pro designations (and no Falcons, to this point, has garnered more than two in their career)?

Here are a handful of hints: Just one of them comes from after the year 2000. The rest are from past epochs, with one from the 90s, two from the 80s, and one more from the 70s. Three played on offense and two on defense, but every single one is an easily recognizable name. Who are they?