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What’s your favorite Falcons training camp memory?

Share ‘em.

Atlanta Falcon’s Darryl Talley works out on a tack Photo credit should read DOUG COLLIER/AFP/Getty Images

Believe it or not, we’re just weeks away from the start of Falcons training camp. While preseason games wear our their welcome pretty quickly thanks to the sheer tediousness and sloppiness of the play, training camp is a time when hope springs eternal and every quality moment in practice feels like the start of something special. I enjoy it, genuinely, every single year.

So for fun and because there’s not a lot else to discuss on a random July Tuesday morning, I’m interested in hearing your favorite training camp memories, even from ones you attended or ones you learned about later.

I’ll go first. It’s hard to pick just one from my sojourn to the 100 degree weather of the Hard Knocks training camp back in 2014, but what sticks out so clearly in my mind all these years later is how electric Devonta Freeman looked as a rookie. Even in practice, you could see he had special traits, especially vision, and I wound up zeroing in on him throughout the days I was there because it was so obvious to me he was going to be very good. Though injuries and one additional year of Steven Jackson have gotten in the way of that a bit, I think that early glimpse proved to be correct.

What’s yours?