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Falcons trivia: Who averaged the most punt yardage in team history?

It’s not Neon Deion, because that would be too easy.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have had some truly legendary returners pass through Fulton County Stadium, the Georgia Dome, far not Mercedes-Benz Stadium. From Billy “White Shoes” Johnson to Deion Sanders to Allen Rossum and Devin Hester, there has been no shortage of greats, though few have spent more than a handful of seasons in Atlanta.

When it comes to the very top marks in franchise history, though, there are some quirks. Darrick Vaughn still has the the highest kick return yardage average and the most kick return touchdowns in team history despite spending only two seasons in Atlanta, and the highest punt return average in team history belongs to a man whose name probably doesn’t readily spring to mind either.

The man in question spent a single season in Atlanta, averaged a phenomenal 14.1 yards per return, and was then gone. Despite his short stint with the Falcons, he is actually one of the more underrated punt returners in NFL history, with a similar number of returns and yardage to the legendary Devin Hester and a better yards per return average, though he has less than half as many touchdowns.

Who’s the man in question?