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Falcons trivia: Who were the only combination coaches and GMs in Falcons history?

It was a short-lived experiment, but who was it?

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Over their first 32 years in business, the Falcons had nine general managers/head personnel executives. Over the past 16, they’ve had two. All but one of those executives have served multiple years in their roles, however, and all but two of them were bonafide executives without direct control over the roster as a head coach.

Today’s trivia question concerns those two men. One served for just a single season in the role, while the other effectively had control over both for multiple seasons. One is fondly remembered and one, if he’s remembered at all, is probably not so fondly remembered. One presided over a largely forgettable offseason and season, while the other is tied to some of the franchise’s most important successes and player acquisitions. And so on.

If you think you have the answers, drop them in the comments before reading everyone else’s responses. I look forward to seeing your best guesses.