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The Falcoholic’s Staff Spotlight: David Walker

Let’s hear from the staff!

Greetings, Falcoholics, and welcome to the seventh edition of The Falcoholic’s Staff Spotlight. This series is similar to the “Fan Spotlight” articles, however, instead we profile a current staff member of The Falcoholic. You’ve read their articles; now get to know them a little bit more. This week’s “Staff Spotlight” is on The Falcoholic’s David Walker aka DW.

You guys may know me as DW – which stands for David Walker – or you may know me as “that idiot” or “the guy who always defends the Falcons” or any of the variety of names I’ve acquired over the years. I’m an avid reader, PC gamer and a father and mostly functioning alcoholic. I mostly quit functioning during the football season.

I asked DW some questions, so let’s get started.

How did you become an Atlanta Falcons fan, and how did you start writing for The Falcoholic?

I first remember watching the Falcons in 1980 when they faced the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs. I was born in Texas and my mother was/is a huge Cowboys fan and I remember the immense disappointment of watching them lose. Talk about foreshadowing! I’ve been sadly addicted ever since. As for the site, I originally wrote fan posts but Dave Choate approached me to write for the site sometime in 2011. He’s regretted that decision ever since.

If you were elected President of the United States and had to fill your cabinet with Atlanta Falcons players, who would you put in your administration?

· Vice President: Vic Beasley, since he doesn’t do anything and neither does the VP.

· Secretary of Defense: Deion Jones

· Secretary of the Treasury: Matt Ryan

You and Jeanna Thomas do a phenomenal job hosting The Falcoholic Podcast, can you tell us what makes it so fun?

Well, we both normally drink before the podcast, so that definitely helps. Mostly, I think it’s because Jeanna and I are actually friends, not just co-workers. In fact, most of the writers on the site get along really, really well which is sort of rare. Also, neither of us takes ourselves all that seriously. You won’t catch us on twitter arguing endlessly about player contracts, for example.

How did you survive 28-3?

Actually, my soul is dead, so I really didn’t survive.

What’s your outlook/prediction on the upcoming season?

I’m cautiously pessioptirealistic. I think if they stay healthy, they’ll make the playoffs and can cause real damage. I also know it’s the Falcons, and my liver will probably be a shriveled-up prune by week 10.

Is there anything you want to say to The Falcoholic readers?

I’m on twitter at @FalcoholicDW and The Falcoholic Podcast, which will get back into gear in the next few weeks as camp approaches. If you see me on the street, don’t say hi because I’ll probably freak out and run away screaming.

Well folks, that wraps up another edition of The Falcoholic’s Staff Spotlight. I appreciate DW for sharing his thoughts on the Falcons with us, and giving us some insight into his life outside of football. Be sure to follow DW on Twitter @FalcoholicDW.

Additionally, you can find me on Twitter @EvanBirchfield. If you missed any of the past editions of The Falcoholic’s Staff Spotlight, you can view them by clicking the links below. Thanks for reading, Falcoholics!

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