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Falcons trivia: Where did Atlanta win its first regular season game?

Time to go deep, deep, deep into this team’s history.

James Primus

Welcome to a new week of trivia! Hopefully a couple of the recent days proved to be sufficiently challenging, and for this particular entry, we’ll go back into the mists of time.

Today’s trivia question was submitted separately by Joe McDonald and EDTatum on Twitter, and takes us all the way back to the first year of this team’s existence. The scrappy expansion Falcons with their largely horrendous roster were not immediately successful, but hey, they did win some games.

They did that with quarterback Randy Johnson (12 TDs, 21 INTs), halfback Junior Coffey (199 rushes, 722 yards, 4 TDs), and starting receivers and tight ends who combined for three touchdown receptions, plus an okay defense that featured one future mega superstar in Tommy Nobis. They were 3-11 with the wonderfully named Norb Hecker as their head coach, kicking off a stretch of futility that would unfortunately consume most of Nobis’s career and probably keep him from being recognized as the Hall of Famer he should have been.

But those background facts just shade the fact that wins were hard to come by. The trivia question today is, in what stadium did they win their first game?

As always, formulate your answer before you hit the comments, lest you have it spoiled for you.