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Falcons trivia: Which 5 Falcons quarterbacks have had a perfect passer rating?

HINT: It’s possibly not Joey Harrington.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

In the NFL, the highest official passer rating that a quarterback can achieve is 158.3, which is naturally called a “perfect passer rating.” For this achievement, a quarterback must attempt at least 10 passes, have zero interceptions, have a minimum completion percentage of 77.5%, have a minimum of 11.88% of their passes score touchdowns, and have a minimum of 12.5 yards per attempt in a single game.

Applying the formula to post-1971 quarterbacks, 60 different NFL players have achieved this milestone. Still with me? Good, because we have a question for you.

Question: Since 1971, five Atlanta Falcons quarterbacks have had a perfect passer rating. Who were they? (Remember, it’s five different Falcons’ quarterbacks)

*Bonus Question: Two different quarterbacks have had a perfect passer rating against the Atlanta Falcons. Who were they?

Give us your best answer!