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What are the best and worst Falcons QB performances you’ve ever seen?

We’ve got two recent nominations for the best, and one clear cut choice for the worst.

Jammi German

What are the best and worst single game performances by a Falcons QB? This question was inspired by the following Twitter thread, which yields plenty of entertaining responses.

The best in my eyes remains either (and I’m sorry for bringing it up) the Super Bowl performance by Matt Ryan or his brutal dismantling of the Saints defense last year. Considering the stakes and the stage, completing nearly 74% of his passes, avoiding any interceptions, tossing two touchdowns and weathering five sacks (albeit with one fumble) was not only one of the best games he could have played, but one that should have won. Ditto the game against the Saints, when he completed over 74% of his passes, threw for 374 yards, and tossed five touchdowns against zero interceptions in a game that again the Falcons somehow lost. Wasting the best games of Matt Ryan’s career: The Atlanta Falcons story.

The worst game I ever saw was a Sunday night bomb in October 1997, when Tony Graziani played game that’s worth mentioning because:

  • He played so poorly he had to be relieved by Billy Joe Toliver
  • He put up a perfect 0.0 passer rating
  • He completed just 4 of his 18 passes
  • He tossed two picks
  • He managed just 24 yards on those 18 passes, and if you count the sack for seven yards he absorbed, he managed a net 17 yards on 18 passes

There have been plenty of awful games in team history at QB, but I still think that one’s hard to top.

How about you?