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Falcons trivia: What’s the most lopsided victory in team history and when did it happen?

When did the Falcons REALLY stomp a team?

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Today’s trivia question comes to us from parody of Tom Brady on Twitter, which is always where you expect your trivia questions to originate from.

This will be an easy one for fans with long memories, but at the very least it’s a fun memory for a Saturday morning. The question is this: What was the largest Falcons margin of victory ever, and what year did it happen?

This team has had a surprising number of lopsided wins over the years, but only one stands out as the . It also came against one of the team’s five or so historic rivals, if that helps winnow things down further for those of you who might not have a head for scores. It was also a delightfully one-sided beatdown I hope to see matched or exceeded sometime in the 2019 season, while we’re thinking wishfully about what’s ahead.

Give us your best answer!